Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Listed are some of the most pressing questions and curiosities presented by my clients and customers. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, please feel free to schedule a No-Cost Consult so that we may discuss your inquiry in greater detail.

What do you do?

As your Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, I will work with you in groups, or one on one, to help you discover and implement the best Natural Remedies to mitigate your ailments; whether they be emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical.  

The session depends upon the client. Generally, a consultation precedes the session, during which we discuss the topic of concern. With the consult information, I suggest the session type that would be the most beneficial, however, your opinion matters most. If you are aware what works best for you, then you may tell me your preferred session type, or, just schedule the session type without having the No-Cost Consultation.

Both holistic and allopathic (western) medicine works amazingly together. You do not need to stop your current medicinal treatments. We Reiki Practitioners are also contracted to work with major hospitals and other medical facilities because more professionals have recognized the benefits of Energy Medicine. Assessing your current state of health is important to understand which holistic remedies would help you to reach your optimum state of wellness. We will briefly cover your medical history as it pertains to what ailments you need to resolve.

What happens in a session?

For the initial session, if in person, I will greet you at the door and give you the layout of the session building and session room. You will be made aware of all points of exit in case of an emergency. Next, you will be instructed to remove your shoes and place them in the designated shoe cubby box. You may leave your personal affects in the cubby or carry them into the session room with you. Once in the room, we will review your signed privacy statement and holistic consent forms. Afterwards, your chosen session will commence. Read more about all of our services here.

Hair Analysis        Crystal Healing Therapy        Guided Meditation        Bach Flower Therapy        Cord Cutting

Astral Travel         Tarot Divination Reading       Meditation Instruction      Hypnotherapy                 Alkaline Herbs & Eating

Reiki Healing        Soundbaths                       Wellness Life Coaching    Past Life Regression          Childhood Regression

LifeWave Phototherapy

What are your qualifications?

I have studied and worked in the field of holistic healthcare for the past 7 years. I graduated with my Bachelors in Holistic Health Science and am currently on my path towards my Doctorate in Natural Medicine (DNM). I have obtained my Life Coach Certification from the International Coaching Federation. After a year I obtained the Associate Level Wellness Coaching Certification. I have also studied and been certified in Reiki Touch Healing Holy Fire of the Usui Lineage. I am a certified Crystal Healing Therapist and Bach Flower Remedy Specialist. I am an authorized distributor of the LifeWave Phototherapy Patches for stem cell production. I am a published author and teacher who has worked with clients and corporations throughout the globe from the United States to Africa, India, Europe, South Korea, Japan & Canada,

Where do you practice?

My principle location is my place of residence. I have a dedicated home office and session room for in-person clients and customers.

Do you offer remote sessions?

Yes. I offer remote sessions via the Zoom Video Conferencing service. We may also speak via phone. Please ensure that you are in an environment where your privacy can be respected because we will be discussing sensitive health information. All of my services offered can be performed remotely including, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Hair Analysis and more.

Do you travel?

I travel for public speaking engagements and Farmer's Market events. I also travel for corporate training and wellness programs that prefer in-person instructors. I do not travel for individual clients requesting services.



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