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Alkaline Herbs

Organic Healing using Nature's Herbs, Oils, & Crystals

*My herbal formulas are crafted with organic and wild grown & gathered herbs. This collection of amazing supplements are able to be consumed together without negative interactions. My system, numbered for ease, can be used both as stand alone supplements or as part of my Alkaline Wellness Program. Supported by the works of Dr. Sebi and Dr. Budwig, I will work with you 1-on-1, providing wellness coaching and other energy healing services you require to help you stay the course.


To learn more about my program and how you can sign up for one-on-one Health and Wellness Coaching, click here.

Additional Services Included in the Program:

  • Health & Wellness Coaching

  • Reiki Healing

  • Crystal Healing Therapy

  • Meditation Courses

  • Tibetan and Quartz Singing Bowl Therapy

*Alkaline Herbs can be prepared for wholesale. Submit your Request for Order Here. An invoice will be prepared to ensure secure transaction. Herbs can be purchased at Farmer's Markets and at the Wholesome Healing business location.

This food is made in a home kitchen and is not inspected by the Department of State Health Services or a local health department. To comply with the latest changes to the Texas State Law, please note that all Alkaline Herbal blend capsules fall under the Texas State Law Section 229.661, for Cottage Food Production Operations. Alkaline Herbs can be picked up and hand delivered. Please ensure you are local before placing your order.