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Organic Healing using Nature's Herbs, Oils, & Crystals

Battling eczema since my youth, baths with oats were not only comforting, but they were unbelievably nourishing and moisturizing to my skin. As I entered into adulthood, it was not always practical to take oats and milk baths. Therefore, decided to formulate a cream and complementary soaps that would provide the same nourishing and healing benefits of bathing in oats and milk. This led to me developing and creating my hand-mixed Oat Milk and Herb Face & Body Cream, Lotion, and Honey Bar Soap.


As my clients and customers provided feedback, I was encouraged to create more lotions and soaps to complement my moisturizing cream. Today, I have a line of amazing organic skincare products for the whole family. Moisturize, repair and pamper your skin with my organic herbal beauty and healing support creams.

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