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Hypnotherapy $11.11/mo. (New Sessions Monthly)

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Welcome to a transformative journey where the mystical meets the therapeutic. Our exclusive collection of hypnotherapy recordings invites you to connect with the extraordinary – be it through the whispers of mermaids, the wisdom of angels, the strength of dragons, or the timeless guidance of gods. Each meticulously crafted recording is an odyssey in itself, designed to cater to a diverse range of spiritual and mental wellness needs. Dive deep into the realm of self-healing with our 'Cleansing the Spirit' series, where each session is an invitation to shed the past and embrace purity. For those seeking inner peace, our 'Mental Relaxation' recordings offer a sanctuary, guiding you to a state of serene tranquility. Explore the corridors of your childhood with our 'Childhood Regression' series, or journey through the sands of time with 'Past-Life Regression', unlocking mysteries and understanding your eternal soul. Our 'Detoxing' sessions are a refreshing cleanse for the mind, body, and spirit, while 'Ascension' and 'Transcendence' recordings elevate you to higher planes of consciousness. Communicate with celestial beings through our 'Angel Communication' tracks, 'Past Relative Communication', enrich 'Love and Relationships', and tackle physical and mental challenges with targeted sessions like 'Weight Management'. Enhanced with Solfeggio frequencies, this is just what the practitioner ordered. Plus, you can try 30-days for free. Welcome to the Path of Transcendence!

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Hypnotherapy (All Access), $11.11/month


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