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Liam J. Adair


If you had asked me years ago, "Liam, where do you see yourself in 15 years?" I can honestly say I would not have imagined a career in the Healing Arts. I am a Holistic Practitioner, Natural Medicine Specialist, Herbalist, Certified Health and Wellness Life Coach, Crystal Healer, Bach Therapist, Aromatherapist, Tibetan & Quartz Singing Bowl Therapist, Meditation Instructor and Level II Reiki Healer.

Educational Background, Degrees Earned:

     Associates of Arts (Houston Community College, 2006)

     BBA in International Business with a minor in Computer Information Systems

           (University of Houston Downtown, 2013)  

     MS in Information Assurance & Cybersecurity; Specializing in Network Defense (Capella University, 2018)

     Certified Wellness Coach (Coach Training Edu, 2019)

     Certified Usui/Holy Fire Reiki II (2nd degree) (Dr. Mikao Usui Lineage; Simply Reiki Houston, 2019)

     Bachelor's of Holistic Health Science (Quantum University, 2021)


Professional Associations:

     International Coach Federation (ICF, 2019)

     Reiki Touch Healing Group, (RTHG, 2019)

     Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce, (2020)

     National LGBT Chamber of Commerce, (NGLCC, 2020)


My prior career path was not only heading in a different direction, but it was also in a completely different industry. Excitedly, I am now pursuing my Doctorate of Natural Medicine (DNM) (Quantum University).

From a very young age I have always had a fascination with nature; the water, trees, rocks, growth and destruction. I quickly learned that creation is only part of the cycle and we all have the ability to help positively bring forth the necessary changes in our World.

As a youngling, my natural attraction to nature led me to begin my collection and creative journey with Crystals and Gemstones. In my early adult years, I began a jewelry designing and crafting business with my mother, Shirley J. Adair, owner of Heart to Hands Craft Shop. As, I increased my knowledge of natural stones, I witnessed the positive impact that took place just by wearing those pieces. Keeping Crystal and Gemstone activities as a hobby, I departed from my mother’s business and pursued a career in the Information Technology sector.

After sustaining an on the job injury, I was forced to reconsider my chosen path in life. Although it paid very well, my job was not fulfilling and that placed undue stress on my body, mind and spirit. Bearing in mind my acquired knowledge of the many different alternative, natural medicinal and healing avenues, I was encouraged by a dear friend to “do better, now that you know better”. I began applying my learned methods and to no surprise, my quality of life had increased ten-fold. I detailed my personal journey with anxiety, stress, pain and fear in my book, "Fear Rules My Life". I realized that healing was more than addressing my physical symptoms. Healing involved my entire Being; my physical body, mental body and spiritual (energy) body. This revelation led to the birth of Wholesome Healing.

​Family and friends saw the transformation and began seeking my expertise in areas of natural remedies for their ailments and coaching to help them implement the changes they aimed to make. My background in business ownership and customer service, within the Information Technology field, thoroughly prepared me for embarking on my chosen path of open-mindedness, with an appreciation for structure.

​As a Black Man of Trans experience, I have had to overcome strong emotional, physical and social barriers. Truthfully, these barriers were not all of my own making. The early phases of my transition were by far the most difficult, as I had to teach my self the true meaning and steps of Self-Acceptance. I was also adorned with the task of teaching those in my "environment" the true meaning of Respect.

My life's experiences molded me as an individual who not only *Sees* both sides, but who has also walked both sides of the divide. As a result, my unique perspective allows me to intuitively understand and relate to my client's needs, regardless of their gender. My products and services offered are designed to help my clients find, and at times, create their own path to a Healthy, Balanced-Energy-Being. Sometimes this means using a product to address their pain and discomfort so that they have a peaceful, pain-free work day. At other times, it requires more hands on work, calling for them to enlist me as their Health & Wellness Planning Coach; to help them through their healing journey, co-preparing plans of action, providing support and holding them accountable along the way. I diligently work with my clients one-on-one, or in groups, to help them discover what values they align with and what changes they would like to make. Using this information, I help my clients bring their ideal-self and desired goals to fruition.

Helping individuals heal by means of natural remedies is about more than just Herbs, Oils and Crystals. It is also about the connection we share with one another which facilitates life-altering healing.

Fully focused on the health of ones' Body, Mind, & Spirit, I have created herbal remedies and have been successfully facilitating healing for clients across the Globe. I have learned that life can place many challenging situations in our paths. It helps tremendously to have someone, who is understanding, non-judgmental, rooting for you in your corner. If you are ready to manage and mitigate symptoms of stress, anxiety, fear, anger, chronic pain, PTSD, ADHD and related conditions, my services and products aim to introduce and maintain the needed relief, mental clarity and self-motivation you require. I teach tangible, measurable techniques to help you better manage the emotional stress of everyday life and my custom health plans are tailored to your abilities and personality. If you are ready to take the next step, I'm here, ready to work with you every step of the way; so schedule an appointment today!

​I don't expect everyone to identify with my journey, however, if you are to take one thing from my message, I'd prefer you to understand that it is OK to not have all of the answers. It is still possible to lead an amazing, fulfilling, peaceful and productive life; learning new things about yourself and your environment as you move through your life's journey. As I always say, if you were to focus on your personal growth and being the best person that you can be, all the while positively aligning yourself with nature; everything that is perfect for you will fall perfectly into place.