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White Sand and Stone

Cord Cutting & Spiritual Attunement

We all knowingly, but sometimes unawares, carry vows, commitments, and dedications we have sworn to people, organizations, and objects from the past. Many of these cords remain connected from the current or our past lives and have the potential to wreak havoc; as they no longer serve our current life's purpose.

What happens during a Cord Cutting Ceremony?

Will it take more than one session?

No. Cord Cutting and Vow Rescinding can be completed in one session. However, please know that this session brings about major changes in one's life. You will be facing the removal of defeating, deafening, and even deadly energies; while simultaneously inviting peace and prosperity into your life. You will process a great deal of emotions in a very short period of time. After scheduling such a session, you will also benefit from a goal setting Wellness Coaching Session or an energy strengthening session; such as Reiki or Crystal Healing Therapy.

Let's Go

Releasing the ties to old habits, old relationships, old thought patterns clears the way for amazing and new possibilities to take hold.

- Liam J. Adair, HHP  

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