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Crystal Healing Session

Relax and allow the healing energy to flow.

Allow yourself to


Healing & Rejuvenation


What to Expect...

Upon entering, you will be embraced with respect, kindness and understanding.

Crystal healing therapy is an alternative therapy that uses crystals and other stones to facilitate physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. It is based on the knowing that different crystals, due to their unique energies and vibrations, can help correct imbalances in the body's energy, stimulate healing and promote overall well-being. During a crystal healing session, Liam will place specific crystals on or around different parts of the body or hold them in his hands to absorb their energy. The aim is to promote a sense of balance and harmony across the different energy centers of the body. 

Remote Crystal Healing Sessions can be conducted via

Zoom as healing energy transcends distance

Come with a willing heart and you will find the healing and balance you seek.

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