Fear Rules My Life

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Yes! You read it correctly.

Fear No Longer Rules Your Life!

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Stress, anxiety and fearful responses are initiated by triggers. Upon completing my program, you will be able to recognize your triggers and STOMP     on them!  

Liam J. Adair, NMS, WLC   


Don't be your

Own Limiting Factor! 

Now is the time to make a change

Making this change to take control of your fears will help you open your horizons. In doing so you will be able to truly understand yourself by dissecting your thought process to the core.



Weekly sessions allow you to discover the adjustments needed for you to mold yourself into the confident, self-assured, fearless Being you aim to be.

If necessary, you will complete worksheets and homework to reinforce the topics discussed during our sessions.

Ultimately, your successful outcome is determined by your efforts and dedication to "retraining your brain", which is comprised of several techniques to hep you form positive emotional habits. You may also benefit from removing internal and external stressors from your life. Rest assured that I, as your Life Coach and healing facilitator, will be with you every step of the way. 


Don't limit your challenges... challenge your limits! Do it now. Truth be told, sometimes 'later' becomes 'never.' Now is no the time to back down.

Forest in Nature

Nicole, IT Support

Saying no is a lot easier,  and I think one of my biggest problems before was saying no; you know, enforcing my boundaries. Now, I don't have any problem doing that. My throat chakra tends to be open a lot lately.”


S.N., House Manager

Working with you has helped me stay consistent within my health journey. You are very great at listening to the problem, even when I began expressing quite a bit of stuff, you were really good at helping me decipher the root cause of my issues.

Natural Herbs

Sonya, HR Management

Prior to my experience in working with you, I couldn't fit my clothes! I kept telling myself over and over, "I have got to do something!" ...because I would look like I'm pregnant. I felt at ease and comfortable with you about saying what I needed to say (about my yoni). You were there with guidance to help. My big win is my stomach, I can wear my clothes...a size 4/6! 

Don't Just Take My Word For It

Here's what some of my clients have to say

My 6-Week Program Rebuilds &

Strengthens Your Foundation

Together we'll break down doors to accomplish your life's mission

brainstorm plan work test.png

We explore your current situation and you desired future. We draw from your inspiration, values, morals and values to determine the best tools and resources

             needed to help you harness your


                With dozens of tools at our disposal,

              weekly we will co-design a plan of  

          action that ensures support during this

      period of healing and strengthening.

It is important to recognize that while we are working to rebuild and reinforce your foundation that we have a safe environment in which you can vent, creatively create, and encouragingly explore.

Vulnerabilities will be revealed and I will be present at every stage to help you not

only push through but apply the tools

identified during planning. Here is

where you dissect and process

the emotional and or traumatic

experiences as they arise.

The Continuous

Circle of


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