Gem Water & Elixirs

In prepping for gem water, I sterilize my Crystal Glass Pitchers and thoroughly cleanse my stones.

I place the pitchers upon a wooden or glass surface. During the daylight, I use the wooden surface to minimize the heat transferred into the water.

Gem Water Elixirs can be prepared by a given number of methods, most popular is 'Stone in Water'. This method calls for the stone to be placed in the pitcher. Afterwards, distilled water is slowly poured over the stone.

Another Gem Water Elixir preparation method is the 'Container Within a Container' method. This calls for the use of a second glass container within which to place the stones.

Another infusion method I use call for placing the stone to be infused in the center of my table. Immediately next to it, so that they are touching,

I place a Clear Quartz Crystal, Single Terminated. I then place the pitcher next to the Quartz. The point is touching the pitcher. I then slowly pour distilled water into the pitcher. The Clear Quartz Crystal Point is used as the agent to transfer and enhance the energy of the stone to be infused. 

Reasons some stones should not be placed in direct contact with the water:

1. Some stones ate toxic and can cause adverse reactions. Please review my "Caution"  category within the Crystal & Stone Index to learn which stones are toxic.

2. Some stones disintegrate in water.

3. Some stones may cause water to taste 'funny' to clients. This information would be acquired by the client tasting it. In these cases, I would highly recommend using the elixir in preserved form.

Depending upon the need and request details of the Gem Water Elixir, I may place a black obsidian sphere in the vicinity to create a protective energy barrier.

Why distilled water? Distilled water is formed from the steam of boiling water. Boiling the water removes minerals and other impurities, leaving the distilled water in a 'purer' state.

I also place a Clear Quartz Crystal, Single Terminated, into the pitcher when using this method, to enhance the properties of the treating stone(s). This helps to ensure a strong imprint has been made. The Single Terminated Quartz should be pointed away from the other stone(s), out into the water.

I use organic material to cover the pitchers. I do not cover with any form of plastic nor synthetic material. During the daylight hours, I use cardboard; as it allows pressure from the heated water to be released, preventing heavy condensation. During the evening hours, I use a glass plate. Both methods are very effective at keeping unwanted 'additives' from gaining access to the water.

Methods of Preservation:

1. Organic Grape Brandy, Alcohol: The Grape Brandy will not disrupt the healing and balancing effects of the stone's energy that has been imprinted/ infused into the water. 

2. Organic Vegetable Glycerine, Non-Alcoholic: Vegetable Glycerine has a slightly sweet flavor. It is the preferred option for children and those who do not care for the taste of alcohol. Again, the healing properties will not be affected by the preserving agent.

3. None. This is an option  for those who are able to or desire to consume the Gem Water Elixir within 7-days of its infusion. This option is available for pick-up only due to it's quick expiration.

30mL Dropper Bottle or 8oz Bottle(Non-Preserved)