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Hair Analysis
for Cellular Health

I assess and address Immune and Nutritional Imbalances and Environmental Exposures through epigenetic hair follicle analysis.

Our testing platform has generated over 2 million reports for individuals over the last 6 years, spanning over 60 countries. .


Liam made everything so easy. I could literally see what I was missing right in front of me and how to fix it! I made sure to get my wife one too! Next will be my kids.

Shannon, Hair Analysis Client

My overall goal is to ensure that with my analysis,
you will...

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The Science Behind It All

A branch of genetics known as epigenetics studies the way in which genes are activated and deactivated during our life through cellular signaling. DNA was once considered a closed and stable system of static information storage, connected to our own genetic code (known as genotype). However, it has been discovered that a second dynamic genetic code influences the static codes based on DNA . This is known as Epi-Genetics (Epi meaning above genetics). Epigenetic information reflects the interactions of the genome with its environment or what is called phenotype.

Epigenetic “mapping” is a digital scanning process involving the measurement of frequencies emitted from four hair follicles. This process captures over 800 underlying indicators which can provide a clue to understanding the bodies biological stressors. The technology is based on a preventive perspective rather than a curative expression. For instance, various demands for nutrients or depletion of these nutrients act as indicators for gut stress, cardiovascular stress or immune deficiency, long before there is an expression of a symptom. This digital process, unlike with genetic testing, does not create reproducible indicators as it, by definition, reflects the changing epigenetic environment at the quantum biological level. While the tool qualifies as a general wellness product under the US FDA Center for Devices, is not an FDA approved device, it is not diagnostic in nature and is intended to be used in conjunction with other tools, tests and/or wellness consultations.

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