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Medicinal Herbal Remedies

What are they, Who uses them, and How does it benefit us?

Medicinal herbal remedies are a set of traditional practices established by centuries of works initiated by both humans and animals of old. Yes, even animals ate certain plants and herbs to address malnutrition, stomach aches, and other ailments.

As the years passed humans invented tools & devices that would allow them to apply, consume, combine, concentrate or extract certain components of plants to form treatments, extracts or synthetic replications. For the purpose of my practice, I avoid all forms of synthetic replications.

Today, there are an increasing number of trained Natural Healers and Doctors of Natural Medicine (DNM), specializing in a number of fields, to help clients achieve their optimum state of health. Some of those specializations are Quantum Medicine, Homeopathy, Auriculotherapy, Biofeedback, Ayurveda, Hypnotherapy, Aromatherapy, Acupuncture, Crystal Therapy, Bach Therapy, Massage Therapy, Acupressure, Tai Chi, and the list goes on. There is literally something for everyone.

We have made astonishing advancements within the field of modern medicine. I truly believe our understanding and integration of natural medicine into the main stream medical industry will only serve to benefit all, including the environment, here on Earth.

My mission is to inspire, empower and help my clients bring balance to their Body, Mind & Spirit. Using my education, experience and training, I manufacture and custom develop herbal based products for my clients and their specific needs.  

Natural Remedies have the ability to work along side most Allopathic (western medicine) procedures and medications. Herbal medicines, when dosage recommendations are followed & properly monitored, have the ability to reduce or eliminate the need for prescribed medication.  It is important for clients to provide all pertinent medical information to ensure the best herb or combination of herbs is formulated.

If you are ready to embark upon a journey to implement herbal remedies into your health regimen, or if you would like to try a different combination of herbal products, schedule a consultation today! You may download and complete the Client Health History form prior to your appointment. This helps to reduce the time designated for health history inquiries.

Please download, read, and sign the Confidentiality & Healer-Client Responsibility Agreement here, prior to your scheduled appointment. Prior to the appointment, we will review the agreement and I will provide you with a signed copy. This ensures you are informed of your rights as my client, the scope of my services and the confidentiality of our consultations and your personal information.

Medicinal Remedies
What? Who? How?


My crafted Herbal Medicines are administered in the form of a cream, poultice, ointment, tincture, oil infusion, or tea blend.

For my infused oils, I place dried or powdered herbs in organic olive, coconut, sunflower or safflower oil. If sun-infused is not specified, it will be under a temperature controlled infusion (145-150 degrees Fahrenheit).


Herbal Tincture

Infused & Preserved in 190 Proof Grain Vodka or Brandy

Using USDA Certified Organic or Wild Crafted herbs & Alcohol, I allow the tincture to form in a temperature controlled, dark room. The tincture's ratio and alcohol percentage used will depend upon the type of herb or herbs to be used. The dosage, whether 1mL or 10mLs per day, will depend upon the ratio. For these reasons, if you need a tincture combination of more than one herb, a Natural Medicine Consultation will be needed.