Apatite 10mm Polished Round

A wonderful gift for all genders, Blue Apatite is cooling to the touch and calming to the mind.


Apatite is a prismatic crystal that comes in shades of yellow, blue, green, gray, white, purple, or reddish brown. Blue Apatite balances all of the chakras and has the ability to calm the throat. It is an excellent stone for healers, teachers, trainers, journalists, writers, publishers, presenters, actors, singers, and performers. Communicators of all types would benefit from the use of Apatite. It can suppress the appetite. It also helps to develop psychic intuition and helps to remove negative energy from within.

All of our crystal and gemstone bracelets are created with real, natural stones. Blue apatite was crafted with a cotton-elastic cord; secured with a double surgeon's knot and a dab of cementing glue. Knot is covered with a .925 Sterling Silver bead cover.

Natural Apatite Stone

Bracelet Weight: 31g

Bead Size: 10mm

Bead Type: Round Polished Smooth

Inner Dimension: 6 3/8 inches

Outer Dimension: 9 inches


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Apatite 10mm Polished Round



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