Black Obsidian | Polished | Bracelet

Black Obsidian is volcanic glass that has formed in a variety of colors, including rainbow. The best way to see it's flash is to hold it in the sunligt and observe its beautiful essence.


Black Obsidian brings wisdom and offers protection.


Good for colon health, and male sexuality and qualities. Helps gastroenteritis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), wind pains, and nausea. It works to help you recognize the causes of ‘dis-ease’.


Spiritually and emotionally, Black Obsidian is a wonderful stone for grounding. It helps to remove self-defeating patterns and subconscious blockages. It enables you to see your dark side. Working with Black Obsidian integrates spirituality into everyday life. It aids your access to your roots and past experiences. Acts as a mirror of the soul – allowing you to take a long hard look at yourself and then smile.


To Cleanse & Charge Your Stone: Cleanse in warm running water, once a month, for 20 minutes. Charge in the sunlight for one day.  Alternatively, cleanse with hematite, which grounds it back to the volcanic origin. Obsidian itself recharges the internal Fire of other stones.


Crafted with triple stranded elastic cord, secured with double surgeon's knot safely tucked in a Sterling Silver knot cover.



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Black Obsidian | Polished | Bracelet


Black Obsidian's Astrological Associations: 

  • Sagittarius

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