Chakra Gemstone | Polished | Bracelet

This magnificent Chakra Bracelet can be used to balance all chakras. 


Wonderfully Crafted With:


Clear Quartz - Crown

Amethyst - Third Eye

Lapis Lazuli - Throat

Green Aventurine - Heart

Rose Quartz - Heart

Cirtine - Solar Plexus

Orange Carnelian - Sacral

Red Jasper - Root

Black Tourmaline - Spiritual Grounding


To Cleanse & Charge Your Stone: Cleanse once a week by running under cool water for 60 seconds. Charge in Quartz geode or place on selenite stone. Do not place in direct sunlight for Rose Quartz and Amethyst may fade.


Crafted with tripple stranded elastic cord, secured with double surgeon's knot safely tucked in a Sterling Silver knot cover.


Please visit my Crystal and Stone Index to learn more about your gemstone. See

Chakra Gemstone | Polished | Bracelet


Chakra Bracelet's Astrological Associations: 

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