Crystal Healing For Your Chakras | Book| Softcover | Hardcover

Crystal Healing For Your Chakras | Hardcover/Softcover | 9 Crystals & Gemstones for Physical, Mental, & Spiritual Healing


With Purchase you will receive the 9 Crystals and Gemstones featured in Crystal Healing For Your Chakras; plus 2-Velvet Stone Bags.


  •     Quartz Crystal Point
  •     Amethyst Crystal
  •     Charoite
  •     Blue Kyanite
  •     Green Aventurine
  •     Citrine
  •     Orange Carnelian
  •     Red Jasper
  •     Black Tourmaline


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Crystals and gemstones are nature's all-natural healers, physicians, pharmacists, psychiatrists, record keepers, meditation and astral travel facilitators and so much more.

Readers new to working with crystals can learn how to use them to heal ones Body, Mind, and Spirit. Along with learning how different gemstones affect different areas of the body, Adair's work also teaches the history and techniques surrounding the practice of crystal healing. His readers learn how to tailor their own crystal healing layouts; initiating and enhancing their personal healing journey.

Read and you will discover....
"All chakras are connected just as we Beings are connected to one another and the World in which we live. One chakra channel’s condition can directly or indirectly affect another channel’s energy flow. On that same notion, the health of our Being can directly or indirectly affect our families, careers, and the environment. This understanding drives the importance for bringing balance to ourselves; starting with cleansing and aligning our chakras and allowing the positivity of that balance to flow into all other areas of our lives."

"Nature is seasonal. Growth happens in time. Destruction (new path paved) occurs to spur growth. If we apply this understanding to our healing, we can gain a different perspective."

"In order to heal the external, we must start internally. The Self must be made Whole."

Crystal Healing For Your Chakras | Book| Softcover | Hardcover

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