Fear Rules My Life | Paperback |  w/Journal



Fear Rules My Life | Paperback | Develop & Use Your Personal Power to Overcome & Conquer Your Fears | 71 pages


Fears are extremely common place in today’s world, now more so than ever. With the recent events concerning the COVID-19 Pandemic, racial disparity, financial strains, and more, our connections to one another and our surrounding environment has been under great pressure; compounded by our perceptions of those events. There are plenty of reasons for fear and turmoil to fester within us, however, we do not have to accept that way of life.


For the past 15 years, Liam J. Adair has worked personally and professionally to develop natural anti-anxiety techniques; which he now implements in his practice, Wholesome Healing (located in Houston, Texas). Learning how to overcome fear takes a number of steps, however, the same steps may not work for everyone. His enlightening, easy to follow book, contains a number of tried and tested techniques one can use to create a uniquely tailored plan for building effective habits to successfully conquer their fears.


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  • Fear Rules My Life | Paperback |  71 pages
  • Fear No Longer Rules My Life | Hardcover | 50 pages
  • Get Out of Your Own Way | Worksheet
  • Daily Affirmations Printout


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Fear Rules My Life | Paperback | w/Journal


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