Herbal SéCream

Organic Herbal SéCream | Sexual Enhancement Cream | Gender Neutral | Genital Health


...is designed to enhance your intimate experience as well as repair delicate tissues of areas associated with sensual pleasure. Working to restore sensation to damaged nerves, my cream can be applied to the clitoris, penis head and shaft, and the nipples. It also helps to increase the sensations and libido.


It is crafted with thoroughly researched USDA Certified Organic oils and herbs. Although the dilution rates of the Essential Oils are at the level designated for sensitive skin, the formula is very effective in delivering the desired effects of enhancing your sexual interactions. The herbs are, temperature controlled, infused in Olive oil for 48 hours. Following infusion, they are twice strained and the remaining ingredients are added.


What is in my Organic SéCream and what does it do?



Olive Oil: Because it is full of nutrients, omega fats, vitamins and minerals, it improves blood circulation in the region of application.


Almond Oil: Rich in minerals such as Zinc which is highly beneficial for inflammatory acne and related scarring. A great antioxidant, the retinoids in this oil reduces the appearance of acne and improves cell regeneration. This feature is why Almond oil can be used to repair damaged skin. Massaging the oil into genital tissue ensures the mineral are absorbed into the skin and muscles.



Mulondo (Mondia Whitei; Wild Harvested): Known locally as “gondolsi”, it grows at elevations of 1000 to 1500m, in wet forests and swampy grasslands of Sub Saharan Africa; Guinea, Nigeria, Cameroon, & Kenya. It has many uses that include: antacid, countering indigestion, and appetite stimulant. It is also a general analgesic. Analgesic herbs act in various ways on the peripheral and central nervous systems. This is different from anesthetics which completely eliminates sensation. Applied to the skin, it is used as an aphrodisiac for treating erectile dysfunction and impotence. Users report an increase in girth and length of genital tissue. It increases sperm motility; & stimulates the release of nitric oxide which relaxes muscles, increases blood flow, resulting in stronger erections.




Helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum): Works to help repair and reinvigorate damaged nerve endings.

Spearmint (Mentha spicata): Its magnesium helps to support tissue growth.

Other Organic Ingredients:

Organic Beeswax: Used to thicken and emulsify the oil blend.

*Proprietary Blend


General Application: Unisex cream. External application only. Gently massage into genital tissue. Allow tissue to become erect or filled with blood. Next, allow erection and stiffened parts to soften naturally. Do not engage in sexual tension release activities for at least one hour, this ensures full absorption into the skin.


The cream can also be applied to the nipples to help increase sensitivity and repair tissue damage from piercings, breast feeding or other trauma.


Application Time/Frequency: Apply 0 .5 - 1g If seeking growth, apply cream to tissue twice daily, once in the morning and once immediately before sleeping. (Tissue growth rate is dependent upon the presence of HGH (Human Growth Hormone). Please schedule a Natural Medicine Consultation or consult with your medical professional for dietary changes necessary to reach desired HGH levels.) If seeking performance enhancement, apply once every two to three days. Once desired effect has been reached, you may stop applying the cream and store until it is needed.


Caution: Not for internal application nor consumption. Nursing mothers, allow cream at least 2 hours to fully absorb into nipples and disperse throughout system and wash nipples before you resume nipple feeding.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat, cure, prevent disease, diagnose conditions, nor replace prescribed medication. Please consult your physician before administering any form of alternative medicine

Herbal SéCream