Natural Crystal and Gemstone Jade Facial Roller

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Quartz Crystal

Red Agate

Rose Quartz Crystal

Tiger's Eye


These natural crystal and gemstone rollers have been used for centuries to naturally assist the body in balancing unfavorable energies. 

*Use the small roller around eyes and nose to remove lines, puffiness and dark bags. 
*Use the larger roller for cheeks, neck, and forehead to naturally tighten wrinkles for a younger, healthier look. 

With continued use as part of your beauty regimen, Jade Rollers helps to:
     *cleanse toxins
     *clean pores
     *tighten pores
     *improve blood circulation 
     *assists body in healing and rejuvenation
     *balance chakras 


Each crystal and gemstone carries unique healing properties.
The crystals and gemstones exude natural energy that unblocks, cleanses, and balances the positive energy flow throughout your body. 
Free of toxins and full of life giving energy, it helps to slow aging and increase your overall state of health and well-being


Information: "Jade Roller" refers to the type of tool. For Example: Quartz Crystal Jade Roller or Quartz Crystal Facial Roller

Natural Crystal and Gemstone Jade Facial Roller