Rainbow Fossil | Ammonite | Necklace | Gemstone

"Rainbow Fossil" Ammonite Pendant Gemstone Necklace with antiqued sterling silver "S" clasp.


Creafted with Ocean Jasper, Glass Barrel Beads and sterling silver bead covers, this one-of-a-kind masterpiece is sure to bring life to any ensemble. 


Wonderful gift for your loved one.


Ammonoid, also called ammonite, any of a group of extinct cephalopods (of the phylum Mollusca), forms related to the modern pearly nautilus (Nautilus), that are frequently found as fossils in marine rocks dating from the Devonian Period (began 419 million years ago) to the Cretaceous Period (ended 66 million years ago).


Length: 32"


Designer: Liam Adair

Rainbow Fossil | Ammonite | Necklace | Gemstone


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