Sage Smudge Kit | Build Your Own | White Sage | Palo Santo | Abalone

Smudging Starter Kit | Build Your Smudge Box | Organic Sage | Wild Crafted Palo Santo | Ostrich and Peacock Feather Fan | 7 Chakra Crystals | Wooden Tri-Pod Stand 


Spiritually Cleanse, Bless, Beautify, and clear negative energy out of your space.



  • Cars
  • Home
  • Work
  • Sacred Spaces
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For centuries our ancestors have been using smudging for spiritual purification and energy cleansing.

Smudging means one's use of the elements to spiritually "make-whole" a person, place or object.


Each part of your kit represents nature's elements:

Sage or Palo Santo = Earth

Smoke (of the lit Sage or Palo Santo) = Fire

Feather = Air

Abalone Shell = Water

Gemstones = Earth (connecting Body to the elements)


When the Sage leaves and sticks are burned, the smoke attracts and binds to the negative energy, restoring tranquility and calm to the environment. This is why it is important that you make sure to open a window or door prior to beginning your smudging session. The smoke will naturally flow to the area presenting the most "space", i.e. outdoors.


Burning the Palo Santo wood welcomes creativity, love, abundance, and good fortune into your space. The burning of the wood brightens the energy of all living things and promotes feelings of positivity and joy. The wonderful aroma of Palo Santo reduces stress & anxiety. It also works to improve concentration and enhance clarity. My Palo Santo sticks are sustainably harvested.


Adorned with natural Peacock and Ostrich feathers, your unique piece will be sure to remain attractive for years to come. Hand crafted by Liam Adair, this fan adds beauty and love to your cleansing ritual. When the feather is used to waft the smoke around your body and throughout the space, you are invoking your powerful intention to where the cleansing and blessing is needed most. The smoke will then fill all other open areas. My feathers are humanely sourced. Both the male Peacock and Ostrich naturally molt and regrow their plumage each year.  These molted feathers are harvested, cleansed and prepared for sale.


The Abalone Shell is collected, cleansed and polished producing an iridescent sheen. Upon completion of your ritualistic smudging, you may rest your beautifully polished 4" to  5" Abalone Shell upon its natural 4-inch  Wooden Tri-pod Stand (crafted in India) until your next smudging ceremony.


Get ready to add the most amazing natural gemstones to your crystal collection. With the full kit you will receive 1 gemstone for each of the 7 Major Chakra Channels.

  • Quartz Crystal (Crown)
  • Amethyst (Third Eye)
  • Lapis Lazuli (Throat)
  • Rose Quartz (Heart)
  • Citrine (Solar Plexus)
  • Orange Calcite (Sacral)
  • Red Jasper (Root)


You may choose your Smudging box. Do you need the entire Kit? If not, just select the item you need and it will be shipped to you. You may also purchase the kit and add additional items, such as more Palo Santo Sticks or Sage bundles. Customize away!

Sage Smudge Kit | Build Your Own | White Sage | Palo Santo | Abalone

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