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Guided Meditation

Each session you will be guided on a journey, each more visual than the previous. This is designed to advance your ability to focus and eliminate the noise (both internal and external. You will gain new meditation skillsets.


The energy (sound) vibrations emitted when the crystal or Tibetan bowls are struck helps the body heal spiritually, emotionally and physically. Allow the tones to envelop and penetrate your entire Being 

Cord Cutting

Who or What is no longer serving your life's purpose? Letting go is a necessary part of growth . At times, we may also need to energeticlly cut those ties. This is done during our cord cutting ceremonies.

Reiki Therpy

Trained under the Mikao Usui Holy Fire lineage, your body and spirit will receive the universal Life Force, Ki (Chi). Ki is necessary for for all in existence. Reiki has been proven to assist with both mental and physical illnesses. 

Wellness Life Coaching

Flourish from Root to Flower", 7-Day, 6-Night program, designed by Liam J. Adair. is an enlightening dive into your values & relationships to help you set and achieve your future goals. 

Oracle & Tarot Divination

Oracle and Tarot are amazing spiritual and energy tools that can help us understand the past and gain insight to what we need to prepare for. These divine tools can help to ease the mind by bringing needed clarification. 

Past Life Regression

Embark on a journey through the "Blue Mist" towards lifetimes and worlds familiar. You will transcend through childhood regression to access the pathway to past-life. Regression brings insight into our current life's purpose. 

Crystal Healing Therapy

Crystals and Gemstones are naturally formed assistors provided by the Universe to help protect, cleanse, and energize us. Crystals will be laid on or around your body in specific places for the intended purpose.

Childhood Regression

Within in a safe, energetically, and spiritually protected environment, you will be guided to a space and time from your childhood that requires your attention. Together we will walk through healing that energy.

Astral Travel

If you could travel anywhere without leaving the comfort of your room, would you? This is the goal of Astral Travel. Remaining spiritually corded to your physical, your conscious is guided to freely explore the world.


Deep relaxation opens your mind to explore certain areas of your life with ease and objectivity. This lays the foundation for healthy deconstruction and wholesome reconstruction of habits needing to be changed.

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