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4 Gluten Free Cooking and Dining Tips | A Good 'Gluten-Free' Mindset Goes A Long Way

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Starting and maintaining a gluten free diet, lifestyle, or dining experience doesn't have to be the challenging headache that we assume it could be. For instance, not all gluten free food tastes like cardboard. See, happy now? Granted some do, just be sure to read the reviews of any new ingredients you choose to add to your list of tasty meals.

I encourage you to make the effort to be familiar with the terrific gluten free recipes that are plentiful on the internet and in the many great cookbooks out there. To prevent getting overwhelmed, include them one at a time into your cooking collection. I like to implement such food changes once a week. This can help to increase a palatable variety. You will be impressed at how terrific you feel along with how fantastic the food tastes.

If you need a gluten free ‘diet plan’ and have no idea where to begin or what you ought to be cooking you ought to have a look at the numerous gluten free coaching sites and blog sites online that deal with those concerns and you will be surprised what you find. In fact, you will most likely be astonished at the wealth of details that is offered. If you have a Whole Foods Market in your location, many of them will stock totally gluten free items for your cooking requirements.

As we continue to learn more about food items, be they loose, whole, or pre-packaged, we find that experts are increasing the selection designated for gluten free cooking. We have even discovered cookie and cake blends that are now gluten free. This truly adds delight in some of the finer things in life; especially for those who would have been totally denied just a couple of years ago. Now you don’t have to miss out!

Modifications are being made and resources are being shared through the Web that assist not just for those with restrictive medical needs and diet plans but likewise support for the parents and guardians of kids who desire to instill a complete gluten free lifestyle. It is so important to regularly keep an eye out for the numerous resources and dishes that are becoming readily available for gluten free cooking. Whilst living gluten free does have many constraints, and is frequently made rather more difficult by eating out, it doesn’t have to become a total headache.

On one hand. it can be slightly annoying to not have the option of gluten free eating in every restaurant and quite challenging at times to creatively think-up new things to cook, to avoid the same old thing, there still is a way to help you feel better and cope better.

MINDSET – Yes, I said it! Similar to the way we approach meditation and other ritualistic practices, viewing dietary changes mindfully will surely make a difference. It will not only adjust how we cope with such changes, but also how we perceive our unique life experiences.

Changing your perception can help you discover new meals and value the meals you previously struggled to prepare. Additionally, when you truly get handle on your new lifestyle outlook, you will develop a fantastic sense of achievement.

  • Try to see it as an adventure! Take time daily or weekly to research establishments that offer gluten free options. Switch it up too, try different places, find new bloggers, recipes, and shops. Get cooking and baking with the family or if you live alone, just start cooking and send out an invite. When you announce "Free Food!", your people will run to come and share your delights. You will soon discover a whole new world of food and rather than focus on what you can’t have, you'll begin to focus more on what amazing things you are creating and how much healthier you are going to feel.

Remember, anything worth developing takes time, so be gentle with yourself, as stress will only exacerbate any intolerances or reactions you might suffer. So be kind to yourself. Bravely take this journey of food and self-discovery and you will be a gluten free master in no time!

In closing, Let us be Present. Let us be of Light. Let us be of Love.

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debra ray
debra ray
Mar 12, 2022

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