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3 Chakra Balancing and Healing Stones Everyone Should Have in Their Collection

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Stones are beautiful to look at, calming to the touch and fulfilling to work with. No two encounters are identical, even when working with the same stone day in and day out. I find it fascinating to have the opportunity to not only facilitate but to also walk with my clients as they experience uplifting and freeing Crystal Healing sessions. I make it a point to remain open-minded and open-spirited because I cannot predict what my clients will nor what the crystals and stones will reveal to my clients. This is how trusting relationships are built between myself and my clients.

I have had the pleasure of witnessing stones calling to my clients before sessions begin. Briefly speaking, every stone gives off a unique vibration. You can compare it to our unique voices (I will go more into depth with stone vibrations in my book, "The Chakra Stone Book: Just the Basics"). Our body, mind and spirit resonates well with certain sounds, patterns, colors and vibrations. Depending upon what our current path in life is, at the moment, our sensory nodes will attract certain energies and subsequently respond to certain energies. In this sense, when in the presence of a certain stone or group of stones, we feel the sudden urge to move a little closer, our eyes lock and we instinctively reach out to "the one".

I tell clients often, "It is no coincidence that you reached for this stone." Over the years, I have observed three stones that many are often called to, for one reason or another. Those are:

Clear Quartz Crystal

Amethyst Cluster &

Rose Quartz Crystal

Clear Quartz Crystal - Point

Clear Quartz Crystal, is striking in any form. It is the enhancer. It increases the power and effect of all other crystals and stones. Its general purpose during its existence is to move Qi (Chi); essentially, it is a marvelous energy conductor. Clear Quartz has the ability to both clear and draw heat; this is why it is cool to the touch. Partnering with Quartz Crystal for Chakra Balancing, Quartz helps us to reveal our inner most thoughts, allowing us to pave our own path to clarity and a deeper understanding. Because Clear Quartz Crystals are programmable, they are wonderful affirmation tools. Using your intent, you can positively imprint your goals, dreams, and desires into your crystal. In this, you will have created your own "Gratitude Stone"; which can be carried and held as a constant reminder of your positive goals. In challenging situations, all you would need to do is touch your programmed crystal and your affirmations would be reaffirmed, no meditation needed. In addition to spiritual applications, your Clear Quartz Crystal can also be helpful in addressing discomfort within the lungs and kidneys¹. Because it draws heat, it can be used to cool the blood, reduce pain, shortness of breath, fever, constipation and abdominal discomfort². These physical ailments can be mitigated by physically applying the stone to the area of the body in question or by consuming an elixir made using Clear Quartz Crystals. Quartz Crystal can be cleansed by simply rinsing under running water and setting it upon a bed of Hematite to charge. Alternatively, it can also be charged in sunlight. However, Quartz Crystal, especially spheres, can be a fire hazard; as it moves heat, it can reflect and focus sunlight energy on certain areas, causing them to ignite.

Many of us have had the chance to experience Amethyst Clusters with their crystal points and varying purple hues. They are just mesmerizing. Slightly warming, they too help to clear heat from the body. Amethyst is great for self expression.  During heated discussions, hold amethyst to help foster communication. It is helpful in keeping the atmosphere calm during those types of events due to its ability to draw heat out of the body. In Chakra Balancing, Amethyst aligns with several chakra points, such as the crown (sahasrara), third eye (ajna), throat (vishudda) and even the heart (anahata). The chakra point at your third eye (ajna) resonates with Indigo, a deep purple violet. The crown (sahasrara) uses white light, clear crystal or violet, which can be medium to light purple. When trying to determine which to use for sahasrara, listen to which stone calls to you. Amethyst at ajna strengthens your intuition. It call the subconscious forward, providing the opportunity for you to build a strong foundation of trust with your innermost self. This foundation allows you to identify and trust your own instincts. In essence, your anxiety will lessen and depression or bipolar symptoms will decrease as well.

In addressing physical ailments, Amethyst can be used to help heal both physical and deep seated emotional wounds. It regulates the liver, relieves migraines and pressures around the eyes. It also helps to strengthen the immune system functions, and helps with poor memory formation and confusion³. To gain the desired effects, hold Amethyst is your hands to address issues with the upper regions of the body. You can also just place it on the part of the body to be addressed. Use caution in placing Amethyst in direct sunlight, as it can fade. Also, be careful when using Amethyst to address memory or dementia. It can create dampness in the body, or a heavy -weighed down- fluid collecting feeling. When you experience this, just remove the stone from your presence until the symptoms subside. Cleansing Amethyst can be done by placing it under running water. You may charge it in daylight or place it upon other light colored or white crystals.

Last but not least is Rose Quartz Crystal. The harbor-er of all things emotional, it has the ability to confirm loving feelings. It presents the opportunity for those who need it, to begin accepting love and those who have an over abundance stored, to begin trusting and sharing that love. Rose Quartz, when polished into a sphere or cabochon, can cause a six-sided star to appear as if it is hovering over the stone, depending upon the light and angle. This feature means the stone possesses a strong spiritual association. Strongly associated and aligned with anahata, the effects of working with this crystal are felt both physically and emotionally. The stone has the ability to lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation, insomnia, palpitations and angina⁴. It can also help to address irregular cycles. Feelings of loss, depression, helplessness and fear are just a few that can be positively mitigated while working with Rose Quartz Crystals. Rose Quartz works just by holding it in your hand. You may also consume an elixir or gem water formulated with Rose Quartz to gain the benefits of the stone's energy. It is very effective to place the stone against the center of your chest because this is the Chakra store for addressing risk-taking, love, safety, trauma, and other suppressed emotions. Balancing your anahata can help you express love in action. When balanced, you will no longer seek love, but it will be freely given to you as you freely express it. Use caution when taking Rose Quartz elixirs because the stone contains aluminum.  Ensure, when preparing, you use the double container method. See my explanation of how that is done on my Gem Water/Elixir service page. You may also order gem water here. I hope my insight and information has been helpful. If there are stones you'd like to know more about, please message me using my Contact Us page or schedule a free 15 minute consultation. In closing... Let us be Present. Let us be of Light. Let us be of Love.


References and Other Helpful Information:

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*Please note that while the description of the properties of some Crystals refer to healing benefits, they are not intended to replace diagnosis of illness or ailments, or healing or medicine. Always consult your physician in the case of illness.

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