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Experience Enhanced Wellness: Discover the

Transformative Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen


       edical research continues to reveal numerous benefits for every system in the body and potential therapeutic effects for over 170 animal disease models; including but not limited to


  • cancers

  • diseases of the blood

  • cellular degeneration  

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Crab Nebula

The LUMIVITAE Difference

The LumiVitae CellPower Hydrogen Water bottle is a visionary creation, meticulously designed by the innovative mind of

Nuno Nina.

Nuno Nina boasts extensive experience in the field of Integrative Medicine, having guided over 70,000 clients throughout his clinical practice. With a background in Mathematics, Systems Engineering, and Biochemistry, Nuno Nina meticulously crafted every detail of this unique piece of technology, from design and material selection to the
development of electrical circuits and frequencies.

Crab Nebula

LUMIVITAE'S CellPower Hydrogen System

Low voltage Electrolysis (2.3v) is used to produce Hydrogen and is filtered using a special PEM membrane and electrodes (anode and cathode) within the bottle core. When electrical current is applied across the water using those two electrodes, water begins to break down and the membrane acts as a separator.


While oxygen is generated in the lower compartment and subsequently eliminated through a drainage channel, along with other byproducts, molecular hydrogen is generated in the upper compartment and dissolved into the water to create your rejuvenating Liquid Light..

Wholesome Healing LumiVitae_cellpower electrolysis.jpg

With a state of the art discharge system, our PEM platinum-titanium design prevents the unwanted particles and harmful chemicals from leeching into the newly produced concentrated hydrogen water. We provide 1.2 - 1.4(PPM) or 1.4mg of therapeutic hydrogen every liter.


What We Provide

Fill the CellPower Bottle with filtered or bottled drinking water (ideally pH 5-6 and TDS 20-60mg/L).
Activate the hydrogen production cycle using the button on the base and, at the same time, you can choose to run one of the three programs (Energy, Recovery, or LumiVitae) by using the button on the lid.
Wait for them to complete, then open the lid and enjoy each sip.


Water Purification Treatment_edited.png


Magnets in the base mimic the Earth's core magnetic frequency


2.3 voltage to prevent high alkalinity and by-product formation


14-Day Money Back Guarantee


Enjoyable for children, animals, and adults

Chromotherapy features radiating a choice of color


Three unique sets of frequencies beam from above to infuse your water: Energy, Recovery and LumiVitae, infusing the water with a touch of solar vitality


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Water Ripple

Tap into a few of over 2000 molecular hydrogen medical studies

Diabetes: Reduce blood cholesterol, inflammation and A1C levels

High-Blood Pressure: Reduce by improving antioxidant levels

Free Radicals: Reduces cytotoxic oxygen radicals without disturbing the good reactive oxygen

Intestinal Health: Improves metabolic abnormalities and gut microbiota

Anxiety: Improves the central nervous system functions related to mood, anxiety, and autonomic nerve function

Chronic Pain: Intraperitoneal administration of HRW reduced inflammatory pain

Nerve Repair: Hydrogen-rich saline promotes nerve regeneration following sciatic nerve autografting

Brain Function: Drinking HRW improved brain functio by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation

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