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Quantum Soul Alchemy

30 Days of Feeling into Abundance

Embark on a transformative journey of emotional and spiritual growth

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I am Liam J. Adair, HHP, ACC, a pathfinder in the realms of spiritual wellness and personal transformation. Join me in a journey that transcends conventional boundaries, weaving science, spirituality, and the magic of the universe."

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Get Ready for Your New Reality to Take Form!

This NO-COST 30-day journey is an invitation to explore the depths of your emotions, aligning them with the universe's abundance. Each day unveils new insights, guiding you towards emotional fulfillment and personal empowerment.

Start Date: February 15, 2024

End Date: March 15, 2024

Official Spring Equinox: March 19, 2024

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Step Into A...

...transformative experience that enriches not just your life, but also your connection with the Universe. Here, we focus on manifesting the FEELING and not the material


Enhanced Self-Awareness

You will embark on a journey of deep introspection. Throughout this program, you will engage in activities and reflections that help you understand your true self, your desires, and your life's purpose more clearly. This heightened self-awareness will empower you to make decisions that resonate with your inner truth, enhancing your confidence and self-assurance in life's journey


Long-Term Wellbeing

The skills and insights you gain during these 30 days are enduring. You will develop habits and mindsets that contribute to your overall wellbeing, ensuring a balanced and fulfilling life long after the program concludes. This benefit is about cultivating practices and perspectives that nurture your mental, emotional, and spiritual health for the long term.


Emotional Resonance with the Universe

You'll learn to attune your emotions to the universe's frequency, using them as a guide to navigate through life. This alignment not only allows you to receive abundance in its many forms but also deepens your connection with the cosmos. You'll experience a harmonious flow of energy that supports your goals and aspirations, bringing you closer to the universe's boundless gifts.


Empowered Creative Expression

As you become more attuned with your inner self and the universe, your creative potential will unfold. You'll discover new ways to express your thoughts, emotions, and visions, transcending traditional boundaries of creativity. This isn't just about art; it's about how you tackle challenges, interact with others, and envision your future. Your empowered creative expression is a celebration of your uniqueness and a powerful force in bringing your dreams to life.

Hear what last year's participants had to say

Embracing this journey calls for work and dedication. Everyone's experience will be different, however, your can rest assured that your self-perception will change for the better.

Jordan Martinez, TX

“Honestly, I was skeptical at first, but this 30-day journey has been a game-changer for me. I've always struggled with self-doubt and anxiety. But through the daily practices, especially the meditation and crystal healing, I've found a new sense of calm and confidence. It's like I’ve discovered a hidden part of myself that’s full of strength and peace. I’m truly grateful for this experience!"

Samira Ali, NM

"Quantum Soul Alchemy is more than just a program; it's a doorway to a whole new world. I've always been into spiritual stuff, but this challenge took me to new heights. The dance therapy and water cleansing rituals were my absolute favorites. I feel so much lighter and in tune with my emotions now. It's like I've unlocked this joy within me that I didn't even know was there!"

Tyler Nguyen, HI

"I joined the program on a friend's recommendation, and it's one of the best decisions I've made. Each day’s activity brought something new and exciting. The combination of candle magic and hypnotherapy sessions was incredibly powerful for me. I've noticed a significant shift in my perspective towards life and its challenges. I'm more positive, focused, and feel a deep connection with the universe. This journey has been truly rewarding."
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To Get Started:

1. Register below and  Join my site as a Member

2. Access your online Profile   

3. Select "My Programs"

4. Select the option to view courses/programs

5. Choose the "Quantum Soul Alchemy..."

6. Scroll down to select the option to gain access 

6. I will receive your request and you will receive a response via email

7. Upon approval to the course, you will also gain access to our private online group chat for the program. Here you can build supportive connections with like minded individuals.

8. Each day you have the option of joining us Live on YouTube. If you cannot join us live, you will have access to the video via a link in the online course. Links will be posted within 4 hours of the conclusion of the YouTube live.

9, At the completion of the journey, we will arrive at the 2024 Spring Equinox for our epic Soundbath and Yoga sessions with The Ranch Houston

Your New Journey Requires

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Officially Introducing Liam J. Adair, HHP, ACC

Liam J. Adair is a trailblazing and compassionate facilitator of the transformative "Quantum Soul Alchemy: 30 Days of Feeling into Abundance" program. As the first Black Transgender Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner in the United States, Liam brings a wealth of unique experiences and profound insights into this journey.


Liam's approach is deeply rooted in a blend of science, magic, and esoteric wisdom. With an extensive background in energy medicine, witchcraft, and various holistic practices, Liam skillfully integrates these elements to offer a program that is both grounded and transcendent. As a spiritual counselor, alchemist, light worker, and teacher, Liam has guided countless individuals from diverse backgrounds and beliefs towards greater self-awareness, emotional harmony, and wellbeing.

Allow Liam J. Adair to be your guide on this journey. With Liam's expertise and empathetic approach, you will explore and harness the cosmic energies that the Spring Equinox of 2024 offers, setting a course for a year of profound growth and abundance. Embark on this journey with Liam and experience the transformative power of aligning with the universe at this auspicious time.


Journal Available on

Amazon Books

You will have the amazing opportunity to purchase your Quantum Soul Alchemy Journal which will include

  • 30 Journal Prompts for Daily Exercises

  • Self-Care Worksheets

  • Calendar

  • Note Taking Sheets

  • Affirmations

  • Bonus: Gratitude Journal Calendar with daily prompts to reinforce your exercises

Quantum Soul Alchemy Journal by Liam J. Adair  of Wholesome Healing Houston

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When submitting this form, you are acknowledging that as a participant in this program or as a Parent/Legal Guardian to someone that is a participant in this program, you will have access to our online course chat group. You will also have access to our live YouTube videos. We will openly discuss spirituality, magic, and holistic health topics. This is a free course and there are no fees associated with this program. There is a Manifestation Journal that accompanies this program. This journal is available for purchase from

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