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Confidentiality & Owner-Client Responsibility Agreements

Building Upon a Foundation of Trust

Wholesome Healing Client Agreement

If you are  seeking  services from Wholesome Healing, please read and sign this agreement. The Confidentiality & Healer-Client Responsibility Agreement ensures that you, and if applicable, your guardians, are aware of your rights and responsibilities as a client. It also holds me accountable to the ethical guidelines and standards set forth by the Holistic Health, Coaching & Medicinal industry and my educational institution, Quantum University. Please download, read, sign and return the .pdf agreement to me via email using the links below. Signing it prior to our session is not required, however, it is preferred so that you can get the most out of your session. Upon receipt, I will sign the agreement and send you a copy for your records. If you are unable to download the agreement using the link below, please reach out to me with your email address and I will send the agreement in the form of an attachment.

NatMed Agreement
Client Health History Form

The Client Health History Form serves to detail the information that will be used to bring your whole Being into balance. Use the link below to download the PDF document. The information requested will remain confidential and stored according to the regulations set forth by Privacy Practice standards and methods. Complete the forms to the best of your ability. You may withhold information if you are uncomfortable writing it in the document, however, upon review, if the information is pertinent to your agreed healing method, I will request the necessary information at that time. If you have any additional questions, please email me using the link below.

Client Health History Form
Capability Statement

Our capability statement serves as a snapshot of our commitment to excellence, showcasing our skills, certifications and abilities. Please contact Liam Adair for further information.

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