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Connect with Our Family

Over the years we have worked with some amazing establishments and their resilient owners. Support for your needs is only an email, a link or phone call away. I support full Body, Mind, & Spirit healing. Connecting with our extended family ensures that you will reach your health and wellness goals.

Meetings with Kane Barr

Melanin Meditation Group

Shambhala Racial Minority Group.JPG

Kane leads this amazing group with Gainesville Shambhala. They welcome racial minorities of all backgrounds regardless of sex, gender expression and/or identity, skin tone, class, ect. No experience is needed to join! They do ask that newcomers join at 10:15am for instruction and our recurring members will join the Zoom call at 10:30am.

They meet every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. Below is a link to the Zoom meeting. Kane  sends reminder emails a day or two beforehand and will add you to his mailing list. 

There are no fees to participate, however small donations are welcomed at any time. Type in Melanin Meditation Group in the comment section of PayPal.

He is truly looking forward to working with you all! Feel free to pass this along to anyone who might be interested, and let Kane know if you have any questions or concerns.
For meeting link and Question, please contact Kane via email:

Jeffrey Reich-Hale, CEO Unique & Fresh Consulting 



Unique & Fresh offers Sales and Marketing procedure and team reviews for your company.  They come in and analyze your sales and marketing processes and speak with your sales and marketing team to gain a full understanding of your entire start to finish sales process.  They then provide valuable feedback on where there are opportunities to increase your sales and revenues in turn helping your sales team operate more efficiently.


Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce


Join the Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce and engage with a network of LGBTQ+ and Allied business owners, professionals and Corporate Partners to support business development and business and professional growth. The Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce is at the intersection of business and community.

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