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What is Epigenetics and How Does It Relate to Hair Analysis Testing?

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

The Human Genome project, was expected to confirm the existence of over 100,000 individual genes. However, it was discovered that only 23,000 genes make up the human genome, barely more than the common fruit fly and far less than those found in a grain of rice.

This raised the question of what else could be controlling gene expression?

The answer is Epigenetics; which is the interaction between environmental signals and the process of adaptation that living systems use to thrive. Back in 1700’s Jean-Baptiste Lamarck proposed that life forms could acquire ‘information’ from their environment and incorporate it into their epigenome.

Studying Quantum Medicine has helped me understand, Quantum Physics was incorporated into the field of molecular biology by Erwin Schrödinger. This set the basis for what we now know as epigenetics.

We have learned that gene expression that is not mediated by coding DNA. Coding DNA represents only 2% of the genomic expression. However, gene expression is influenced by informational signals received from the environment by non-coding DNA, which represent the remaining 98% of what is referred to as "junk" DNA.

In terms of expression, why is the Hair Bulb an epigenetic marker?

Hair belongs to the integumentary system that develops from the ectoderm and thus it has the same embryological origin as the nervous system. It's alive! Therefore, it shares the same

characteristics as the neurons when it comes to sensation.

The hair and its bulb, because they are alive and able to self-regulate, are in fact an antenna that is constantly sensing and thus detecting environmental signals emanating from the micro and macro environment. So much so, that within the pilosebaceous unit there is a muscle called the arrector pili muscle, which are small muscles attached to hair follicles and are the smallest muscles in the body.

This tiny muscle works as much as your cardiac muscle. It is constantly sensing, not just changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure, but also vibrations through resonance, and frequencies from the ecosystem and the surrounding area. The arrector pili muscle, along with the hair root bulb, were over-looked until recently as important environmental sensors - even though the hair has been accepted as an excellent bio marker.

How Does Epigenetic Hair Analysis Testing Results Empower Your Wellbeing?

Through Wholesome Healing, the use of Cell Wellbeing's' Epigenetic technology allows us to understand the interactions of impacts from the whole environmental picture and not just see each impacting wave of interference or the source of that interference. It is this information which provides users with new and completely different views of their living environment. With a few strands of hair, I will provide you with your wellness report that is designed to help you reach your personal level of improved health with in 90-Days. Let's consider the sample page below. Here, I would advise my client to increase their intake of the 4 highlighted amino acids. With some analyzed results, it may not be necessary to supplement. However, in this particular case, as you may have read, we are shown by the indicators that the call to increase the intake is primary.

Fresh hair bulb and shaft information must be digitized within the first 3 minutes of plucking, for those who are keen on a preventative, ongoing, anti-aging nutritional strategy. This type of information is obtainable by scanning four strands of hair and their roots. In many cases, your 30+ page report reflects underlying environmental and dietary issues long before they present physically. Your hair and their roots can be gently plucked from the occipital bone above the nape of the neck. This is the best harvest area, however, we can use the eyebrows; for those like me who have zero head hair.

The Epigenetic Indicators highlight accumulated information, which may assist in alerting us to environmental impacts such as Electro Smog or chemical irritants; as well as nutritional imbalances and underlying food stressors (not allergies). The information of each personalized report, empowers each client with the ability to optimize their wellbeing and performance. Our German Epigenetic mapping and indexing program ranks the intensities, before using the data to generate the charts contained in the Epigenetic Environmental Statements and nutritional optimization maps.

Each 34 page map reflects the personal environmental influences which could be impacting a person as seen through the information gathered by the S-Drive. The mapping covers the following categories and items:

• Vitamins x 16 most common

• Minerals x 16 most common

• Essential Fatty Acids x 6

• Antioxidant x 13 groups

• Amino Acids x 23

• Toxins – Chemicals, Radiation, Toxic Metals

• Microbiology – Bacteria, Fungus

• Molds/Spores, Parasites, Virus

• Electro Smog EMF & ELF x 14 major categories

• Gut and Intestinal Stressors

• Circulatory Stressors

• Muscle recovery Stressors

• Food intolerances and food additives to avoid

Included in the reports analysis data is your custom 90-day Optimum Wellness & Nutrition Plan which highlights specific foods to obtain optimal nutritional value and foods to avoid. I may also include your need to add meditation, physical exercise or other form of conditioning.

The metabolic system requires time to adjust which is why I recommend following your full 90-Day Wellness Plan before taking a follow-up epigenetic assessment. As your Practitioner and Wellness Life Coach, I will also recommend you partake in coaching sessions to help you set milestone goals and accountability, keeping you on track.

Wholesome Healing’s Epigenetic and Hair Analysis Testing provides a detailed overview of your entire wellness system. Having this data places more control over your own health into your own hands. Positive changes can be implemented so much easier and quicker when you know exactly what to do and where to focus your efforts. Wouldn’t you agree?

Book a session with Liam to just have a conversation about your ideas and where you'd like to go. Click here.


Sources: Cell Wellbeing. (2018) "Epigenetics: The Key to Healthy Living".

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