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Past Life & Childhood Regression


Positively Discover & Feed Your Soul

Guided Relaxation

Gentle instructions guiding you through meditation to open your Spirit, and relax both your Body & your Mind.


The first person to receive your loving-kindness everyday should be YOU; whether you make it known verbally or physically. Meditation sessions are designed to help you focus on Self Love and Self Support.

Purposeful Intent

Manifestation is the Goal. Sessions will guide you through visualizing your desires; implementing time-tested techniques to help you actualize them.


Self-Awareness of Self is about understanding how the environment, family, career, and all that you encompass affects your Being. Sessions are designed to help you decipher between the associated energies and use them to your full benefit.


It is habitual to take shallow breaths; even more so to hold your breath. Many just forget to breathe. It is actually associated with varying levels of anxiety. Sessions are designed to help you understand the source and work through it while developing effective breathing techniques.

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