Agate Red-Banded 7mm Polished Round

Red-Banded Agate calls us when we have the need to calm our energies and focus our talents. It works to promote our dedication to the people we care about. Worn, it can protect from invading influences and acts as a protective amulet when placed under the pillow at night. Majority red, it aligns with the chakra, Muladahara or Root/Base. It is grounding and helps us to feel secure in our existence in this lifetime.


Crafted with cotton-elastic cord, secured with double surgeon's knot and a dab of cementing glue.


Natural Agate- Red Banded

Bracelet Weight: 18g

Bead Size: 7mm

Bead Type: Round Polished Smooth

Inner Dimension: 6 1/2 inches

Outer Dimension: 8 3/4 inches


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Agate Red-Banded 7mm Polished Round

SKU: 80007


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