Uncertainty and Fear does not have to be your narrative. I work to help you identify your triggers and discover the best techniques used to avoid the self-sabotaging habits of anxious behavior.

chronic Pain


Chronic pain is both debilitating and extremely stressful. Not only must you keep you personal affairs in order, you must also tend to social and career responsibilities. Pain can be visible and naked to the human eye, but it in every case it is Felt. Allow me to help you discover natural ways to address and manage your pain that permits you to live your best life, Today and forever more.

manage depression

My services; which include Bach Flower Therapy, Guided Meditation, Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, and Herbal Remedies, have shown to be extremely helpful for managing depression. It is not necessary for you to stop current medical treatment. Natural healing services are able to work along side Allopathic (Western) medicine. 


As a Certified Wellness Life Coach, we will work together to design a health plan to bring organization and healthy habits to your daily routines. This includes;

Weight-loss Plans

Dietary Changes

Energy Healing & Balancing

Herbal Remedies


What do you do?
What happens in a session?

As a Holistic Practitioner, I work with my clients in groups, or one on one, to help them discover and implement the best Natural Remedies to mitigate their ailments; whether they be emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical.  

The session depends upon the client. Generally, a consultation precedes the session, during which we discuss the topic of concern. With the consult information, I suggest the session type that would be the most beneficial, however, your opinion matters most. If you are aware what works best for you, then you may tell me your preferred session type, or, just schedule the session type without having the No-Cost Consultation

If I feel that you may be a danger to yourself or others, I reserve the right to contact the appropriate authorities to ensure your safety. I believe the more health care professionals you have on your team the better. Both natural and allopathic medicine works amazingly together; to give you a complete picture of your state of being, allowing me to more accurately supplement your healing path.


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Anxiety. Fear. Depression.
These are serious conditions that can destroy your livelihood. However, it is entirely possible to overcome them and reverse their damaging effects. In order to develop a sound remedy, we need to identify the root cause and map out an effective course of positive actions.
Reading "Fear Rules" allows you to self-pace your healing journey while achieving your goals!
"Fear Rules My Life"
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