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Crystal & Herb Infused Manifestation Candles

Enjoy your own Crystal Healing Therapy & Manifestation Session in your personal home or office with our Crystal Candles. We have charged our candles to ensure your candle burning Crystal Healing Sessions are filled with positive, life giving energy to fulfill your goals, dreams and desires. We have done the work, so that all you need to do is be clear of your intent, state your goals, and light your candle.

Manifest Your New Life with
Crystal & Herb Infused Aromatherapy Candles



Crystals are nature's gifts borne of the universe and brought to us in our time of need. Each crystal has unique energetic healing and magickal properties. Their chemical and mineral composition causes them to vibrate at very specific frequencies. These vibrations are what attunes to certain areas of the body and attracts certain types of energies; creating the desired environment or therapy outcome. 

Natural Herbs


Since the dawn of man, Herbs have been used for their medicinal, magical, and practical properties. Ceremonies and rituals are methods used to release or draw to you the needed properties of herbs. Candles are part of ceremonies and rituals a like. The simple act of lighting a candle with your intention sets in motion the helpful, restorative, and healing energies to be released from the herbs.

Cosmetic Oils

Essential Oils

Essential oils aromatically heal, cleanse, and detox the physical and spiritual realms. They are also used to help bridge lasting connections between the two. This is one reason we use incense, diffusers, and oil burners. Other uses include medicinal, practical, and magickal invocations to enhance the energy and potency of your intentions.

Crystals, Herbs, & Oils

To join them with elemental Fire, Air, Earth, and Water, our candles' magical and healing properties are enhanced greatly. You only need to set your intention by either speaking it aloud or quietly focusing on it and then light your candle. The Whole energy of our candles have been hand crafted and positively charged to help bring to fruition the desired resolution to your way of life. See below for a list of the ingredients and materials used in our Crystal Healing Therapy Session Candles. 

Our Candles' Manifesting & Healing Ingredients

Every ingredient of our candles were selected carefully and combined to provide the most potent and positive healing enerrgy for your intended purpose.


Abundance exists far beyond our realm. We have access to universal energies ready and able to assist us in and throughout our lifetimes. Lighting our Abundance Crystal Healing Session Candle attracts to us bountiful riches; be it knowledge, monetary, material, or other types of support. Our combination brings about great transformation. With Light and Love, draw to you the desires of your heart.

Pure Love

Pure Love is designed for both self-support and connections with others. It not only helps you work through the trauma of heartbreak and separation, the energetic properties are also used for desires of construction and building strong foundations for new relationships. Use for self-healing, rebirth, love in all manners, spiritual awakening and renewal. You may also dedicate to others or offer as a gift to others. Please note that this is not a love spell candle that will cause someone to fall for you.

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