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Quantum Hypnotherapy

Welcome to a realm of personalized transformation where your journey to self-improvement is crafted with precision and care. My personally developed Quantum Hypnotherapy services are at the forefront of combining ancient wisdom and Solfeggio Frequencies with modern psychological insights, offering a unique, tailored experience that resonates deeply with your individual needs and aspirations..


Natural. Effective. Customizable.


Neither medication, substance, nor a consumable is necessary to participate in hypnosis. At Wholesome Healing, Practitioner Liam uses his voice, and if you prefer, meditation music to conduct your session.


For centuries, practitioners have used hypnotherapy to treat a variety of conditions. It is also used to help control physical pain and can ease your mind and body into the different stages of sleep.


Practitioner Liam offers group hypnotherapy session focused on one type goal or individual sessions tailored to your specific goals. For example, we have progressive weightloss group sessions. 

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Quantum Hypnotherapy in
Pre-recorded Sessions

Subscribe to our unique monthly hypnotherapy wellness plan. You will have access to all of Liam J. Adair's pre=recorded sessions for those who are ready to embark on a wellness journey like no other. Choose your guide, be it a goddess, mermaid, dragon, angels, and others. You will have access to childhood regression sessions, weight management, past life regression, self-love, mental focus development, and more!

Don't wait to get started. You can play them while you sleep or during your meditation hour.


Transcend Today!

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You can discuss your personal needs in our consultation. If you are not ready to begin your life changing sessions now, sign-up to be notified of our next group session.

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Package of Custom Recorded,
Progressive Sessions


We focus on the grounding aspects of your goal. We must first prepare the vessel (the mind, body, & spirit) to receive the positive bounty you are seeking. 


We slightly shift our focus towards laying the foundation of your goals. At this stage, we are opening the pathways that help the creative center of your mind see the destination and obtain proof of your ability to reach it. 


We build upon the foundation we established in week 2. This week sets the framework for your desired goal. 


As we are incorporating your goals into your lessons each week, we will incorporate your environment into your sessions. This means we are elevating past working on the center to strengthening your connections to the people and things in your energy field. 


We craft our  session for continued growth and development. We will ensure to maintain the foundational strength and environmental connections while creating the open space for your mind to establish new pathways to reach your goals.

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