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A Powerful Guide to Strengthening  Your Foundation to Build Your New Life


re you ready to dive into self reflection? Like most people, we all want to live a life filled with joy, love and to be respected. However, those


desires will not come to pass until you recognize that you don't have to live a life of fear and commit to nurturing your happiness.


In reality, stuff happens. Urgent deadlines, family commitments, and that constant sense of maintaining good health weighs heavy; and it’s easy to lose sight of our goals.

We are meant for more, but it seems like with all the extra societal pressures we further limit ourselves. With your whole-body health in mind, Author Liam J. Adair decided to make reaching inner peace attainable. He developed his wellness coaching program, Fear "No Longer" Rules My Life to coach you through identifying your fears and implementing the best tools to conquer them.

Before coaching others through conquering their fears, he began first by coaching himself. He walked, talked, and even felt ashamed while living that very same story... BUT... he REWROTE the ending. In his new book, Fear Rules My Life, he’ll show you exactly how to do the same thing.

In his book, Liam J. Adair shares simple but proven principles to help you conquer your fears and take control of your thoughts and actions. You will be able to align with your values, set goals and design your own unique plan that will get you there. And amazingly, you can outline the process in just one day!

Within 24 hours of reading this book, you can be owning your Power; paving a path towards the life you want. It’s possible, and Fear Rules will have you singing Fear "No Longer" Rules My Life!


Discover Who You Truly Are & Embrace How You Truly Think

Work through your growth as if Coach Liam is right there with you. Use the unique worksheets he implements in his wellness program,

"Fear 'No Longer' Rules My Life

  • Distorted Perceptions

  • Effects of Stress

  • Get Out of Your Way

  • Understanding the "Why"




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Meet The Author

Liam J. Adair, founder and CEO of Wholesome Healing, practices in Houston, Texas. As a Holistic Practitioner and Certified Wellness Life Coach, he uses natural remedies to help clients manage and mitigate anxiety, stress, PTSD, ADHD and chronic pain.

His uniquely tailored methods include Stone Medicine with Crystals and Gemstones, Wellness Planning, Reiki Healing, Tibetan and Quartz Singing Bowls, Herbs, Essential Oils, Bach Flower Remedies, Spiritual Healing, and Guided Meditation.


After releasing his first published book, Crystal Healing for Your Chakras =to explain how to conduct your own crystal healing sessions- he was driven to share the techniques he teaches to overcome and conquer your fears.


Parents & Guardians

Those with dependents (human or non-human) who are weary from worry and desire to create a more peaceful existence for themselves and their families.

Anxiety Sufferers

If you have been diagnosed with anxiety or suffer from anxiety and related conditions.


Individuals who want to organize erratic thoughts and anxious behavior to give room for their true talents to shine.


Including high school, college and young professionals, my book can help them develop self confidence and find their inner strength.


Whoever wants to learn how to empower themselves and learn how to overcome negativity from all aspects of their lives.




Does this book list step by step what I need to do to get rid of my fears?

Fear Rules My Life lists the different techniques that author Liam J. Adair used personally and has coached professionally to help individuals increase their inner strength, develop the courage to face their fears and then use those techniques to put them into perspective.

Is there a complementary course or one-on-one coaching?

Not only does Liam Adair offer one-on-one coaching for Inner Power Development and Fear Conquering, he also offers group coaching. Learn more about Wholesome Healing's additional services here.

I’m not in the U.S. Am I still eligible for the exclusive content when I pre-order?

Yes! We are pleased to accept and validate international purchases. The exclusive content journal is delivered to your shipping address. International orders are subject to international shipping rates set by USPS. Please ensure that your country has not banned imports from the United States.

Can I buy from any retailer to get the exclusive content?

Unfortunately, no. The exclusive content is only available when you pre-order. Although, you can purchase "Fear Rules My Life" from Amazon if you prefer not to receive the exclusive content from Wholesome Healing.

How do I claim my exclusive content once I’ve ordered?

Once you have placed your order, you will be scheduled to receive the book, journal, and worksheets. You’ll need both a valid email address and mailing address. After ordering, you’ll receive a confirmation email, and your bonus worksheets will be emailed shortly there after. Please note that the book and journal will be physically mailed to the shipping address submitted with your order.

When will I receive my exclusive content, and how will it arrive?

When the pre-order period has concluded for the book, "Fear Rules My Life", your pre-order purchase will be fulfilled. The Journal, "Fear No Longer Rules My Life" will be physically mailed with your book order approximately 1 week from the book's release date. Mailing time depends upon the shipping speed you selected when you placed your order. Your 

I have another question. Can I get some assistance?

Of course! Our support team is here to help. Just email us at, and we’ll take care of you.

Not ready to book your appointment nor order your copy of my book just yet, that's OK. You can stay up to date on my latest deals and register now to receive my "Get Out Of  Your Own Way" worksheet to help you get started on your journey to developing your power and conquering your fears. Free for a limited time.

Develop & Use Your Personal Power to Overcome and Conquer Your Fears!  

Don't Just Exist,

Learn To Live






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